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09/02/2011, V. Robert DiPaola - Fund Administrator,  

We are moving! If you received a distribution letter from us in August you are probably aware that the Fund is moving to a smaller, less expensive office within the same building.

The move is scheduled for September 8, 2011. However, our phone and email will be inoperable between September 7th and 9th so we will be unreachable during those days.

There is also a possibility that we could be unreachable a little longer because while the phone company is scheduled to service us during those days, its employees just settled a strike, which resulted in a backlog in performing service calls. Hurricane Irene also exacerbated matters.

Hopefully we will be up and running as scheduled.

If you are unable to contact us by phone or email by Monday September 12, 2011, please send your information requests to us by mail at:

Sound Recording Special Payments Fund
570 Lexington Avenue, Suite 360
New York, NY 10022

Best regards,

V. Robert DiPaola

V. Robert DiPaola
Fund Administrator