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12/22/2004, by V. Robert DiPaola,  

New York, NY - 12.22.2004 – Sound-Recording.Org is here!! The Sound Recording Special Payments Fund (“SRSPF”) is pleased to announce that its website ( is open for business. Beginning today, musicians and beneficiaries can sign up to become members of the SRSPF website. Once a musician's membership account is activated, he or she will be able to review prior years' recording session wage statements and W-2s or T4As, as well as to access forms to sign up for direct deposit, to designate a beneficiary and to update changes in their personal information (e.g. change in address or AFM Local, etc.). Other features include a Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQ's”) section and an “About The Fund” section that includes information on how each musician's annual distribution payment is calculated.

The website also has a feature to alert a musician if he or she has any outstanding distribution payments due for any of the past three years, each time they visit their member account, until paid. So if you know any musicians who you think may be eligible for a distribution payment, tell them about us! In the meantime, take a little time out to explore the site and to fill out the membership form and send it back to us so we can activate your membership.

Once you've become a member and have had an opportunity to use the website, please send us your comments and suggestions. We plan to continually improve and expand the website so as to provide all the information and services our members need and deserve. We look forward to hearing from you.


V. Robert DiPaola
Fund Administrator